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information needed to get started If you can get the money that your loved ones left you right away, why would you wait for the probate to end? If you know that the average probate process can last as long as 24 months, receiving a part of your inheritance now sounds even better.  Going through […]

Did you know that an Heir can take a Risk-Free Advance on a Portion of their Inheritance Share without affecting any other heirs?

Probates are complex, and they take a long time. Average probate can stretch out for anywhere from nine to 24 months. The fact that all that time you’re dealing with the passing of a loved one makes this period even more trying. Things get even more complicated when there are several beneficiaries. It is not […]

Losing a loved one is hard enough. Waiting 9 to 24 months to receive your inheritance money can be even harder when you need the money now.

The prices of funerals in the United States have been on the rise since the early 1980s. Today, the average funeral costs amount to somewhere around $9,000 or more.

US probate court

U.S. Probate Court cases are backlogged after the coronavirus shutdown

The coronavirus outbreak brought the world to its knees without anyone seeing it coming. No one was left unaffected by it, including schools, hospitals, businesses, and legal institutions.

My daughter is about to start college, and the inheritance we expected to close is now delayed

Losing a loved one is hard, but at some point, life has to go on. You have to pick up where you left off before the member of your family passed away because your family needs you at your best. But what if you lack the financial stability that would enable you to be at […]

Waiting for a inheritance

Expect a long delay in getting an inheritance as U.S. probate cases pile up due to the coronavirus courthouse shutdowns

If you’re looking to settle your estate and receive your inheritance in the months ahead, the chances are that you’ll have to wait for your inheritance substantially longer than that.

Many Americans are out of work and facing harder economic times. A cash advance on your inheritance may help

With a large part of the American economy in shutdown due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the U.S. has seen a massive surge in the unemployment rates.

Our old house needs work, and now is a great time to do it. But the inheritance money I was expecting still has not come!

Have you found yourself in the situation of waiting for the probate to come to an end so that you can get your life back together after the shock of losing a family member? As heartbreaking as the loss of a loved one is, getting stuck in the probate often only exacerbates the trouble people are going through.

A beautiful family deck on a house can really bring the family together. But how will you pay for it?

Inheritance Advanced can help get a hold of your money—and put it to good use—before the probate period ends.

Car prices are low and so are interest rates, I really should replace my old clunker car for something new!

With Inheritance Advanced, you don’t have to wait—you can access your funds even before the probate ends! If you apply for an advance on your inheritance with us, you’ll get the money you need in about three business days.