With a large part of the American economy in shutdown due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the  U.S. has seen a massive surge in the unemployment rates. More people lost their jobs than during the 2008 financial crisis when it took many Americans years to recover from the blow. Who knows how much time it will pass until millions of laid-off employees get back on their feet.

If you’re one of the millions who lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, we feel you—and we might be able to help. If you are stuck in the probate process, and you desperately need your inheritance money right now, we at Inheritance Advanced can give you an inheritance advance with no strings attached. That might be just what you need to pull through and start anew.

How can I get a cash advance on my inheritance now?

Once you contact us, we’ll arrange for a free consultation with one of our friendly and professional funding executives. They will explain the whole process in great detail and answer any questions you may have. Our team will then go through your petition for probate and the will (if there is one).

We’ll quickly run over the basic estate information to see if there are enough assets in your share to make you eligible for an advance. Once we confirm your eligibility, we’ll complete your agreement and put inheritance money in your hands months before the estate settles.

You’ll have a portion of your inheritance funds three to five days after we receive your application and the required documents. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about repaying us. Once the probate period is over, we’ll be paid off directly from your inheritance share without affecting any other rightful heirs to the estate.

What makes me eligible for an inheritance advance?

The only thing on which we base our decision to give you a cash advance is what’s in the estate, particularly in your share. Depending on your inheritance, you could get between $5,000 and $500,000 advance on it. 

You can kick back and relax as this is not a loan—we won’t be interested in your credit score or employment status. This is your money, and we’re only making sure you get a part of it sooner. Another thing to have in mind is that there is no interest, and we don’t charge any monthly fees. That’s why an inheritance advance may be the perfect solution to the situation you’re currently in.

Get your inheritance sooner with Inheritance Advanced

An advance on your inheritance might be just what you need to weather the storm. If you’re affected by the national economic crisis, getting a hold of a portion of your inheritance before the probate period is over could be of immense help. Contact us and get a cash advance in only a couple of days!