Have you found yourself in the situation of waiting for the probate to come to an end so that you can get your life back together after the shock of losing a family member? As heartbreaking as the loss of a loved one is, getting stuck in the probate often only exacerbates the trouble people are going through.

Sudden death in the family is stressful enough, and the expenses of arranging a funeral can pile up on top of everything you had going on before that. Whether you are in mourning or not is not going to keep your house waiting for long — the roof is going to keep leaking, the facade is going to keep crumbling, and the cracks are going to keep expanding.

It’s a trying time, to say the least, and it seems that getting your estate probated would be the light at the end of the tunnel that you’ve been waiting for. Unfortunately, it can take anywhere between nine and 24 months for the court to probate the estate and distribute the inheritance to the beneficiaries. 

What if there was a way for you to get your inheritance ahead of time?

Inheritance Advanced can lend you a helping hand and put a portion of your inheritance in your hands so that you can finally move on with your life. There are no tricks and no hidden agenda behind what we can do for you. In that regard, getting an advance on your inheritance is nothing like getting a bank loan. Here’s why:

  1. The process is fast and easy. You can go from applying for an advance to having money in your account in three days. The whole process is done electronically, so you don’t have to set time aside to come to us — you can take care of everything from the comfort of your home. Bank loans take much longer to be approved, and you need to appear at the nearest branch in person.
  2. We don’t meddle in your affairs. Why you need the money is entirely up to you. We don’t ask any questions as what you get from us is already rightfully yours, temporarily held back by red tape procedures. Unlike with bank loans, to get an inheritance advance, you don’t need to explain what the money is for. You can do whatever you wish with your assets, from doing a home renovation to investing in new real estate and more.
  3. There are no additional costs. If you take out a loan, you will end up paying handsomely for it through interest rates and countless fees. With Inheritance Advance, there are no added costs — we will give you a quote for our services upfront, and once we sign the contract and we transfer your advance to your account, you owe us nothing. We will be automatically repaid after the probate is granted, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

How can you access the funds you need for a home renovation?

The process is fast and straightforward. Here’s all you need to do to get the advance on your inheritance:

  1. Have a free consultation. Our expert funding executives will guide you through the application process and answer all your questions regarding your advance, our pricing, and anything else you need to know.
  2. Send us the necessary documents for review. We need to take a look at the estate to verify that you are eligible for the advance.
  3. Complete a final agreement. Once we settle all the details and sign the contract, you will have the money wired to your account.

If you are unsure whether Inheritance Advanced can help you finish the work on your house, call us now for your free consultation and find out!